Bacina Lakes – Baćinska jezera

Baćinska jezera, Ploče

Bacina Lakes are a frequent tourist destination and a place of beauty which must be visited. They abound in freshwater fish, but there are also grey mullets, which made the lakes their natural habitat after the tunnel drilling. This region is most famous for its gastronomic specialities. Eels, black water hens and frogs legs, amongst others, are specialities of the Dalmatian kitchen and present an excellent reason to visit the area. The area is a true promised land for nature-lovers and anglers.

On the locality of Sladinac are the remains of antique walls and mosaics belonging to the Roman habitation Praetoria. The remains of an early Christian basilica from the 6th century have been found here. A necropolis of stelae, mostly sarcophagi and slabs, has been found next to the ruins of the church of St. Andrew.

Trade brought the ancient Greeks to this area, and during the time of ancient Rome the area was a part of the province of Dalmatia. The city of Narona, located near the lakes, was then one of the largest economic end cultural centres on the Adriatic Coast.

Bacina Lakes, a pearl of unspoiled nature, consist of seven lakes, six of them forming a bluish green necklace. The lakes are located between the Neretva River Delta, the sea and the surrounding mountains, in the place of Bacina, close to Ploce, on the main road (M2).Their names are: Ocusa, Crnisevo, Podgora, Sladinac, Vrvnik and lake Plitko. The entire area of the lakes amounts to some 20 square kilometers. Their depths range from 5 to 50 m. The water in the lakes is brackish, meaning they are connected with the sea. The lakes are a cryptodepression, because the surface of the lakes lies 80 cm above sea level and the bottom of the lakes lies below sea level. Therefore, salty water can be found at the bottom of the deepest, 50 m deep ,lake Crnisevo. The lakes have two  water sources. One of them is a salt water source in lake Crnisevo, and the other one, a natural fresh water source, in lake Ocusa.

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